Corporate Profile

Here at Antier, we believe in always achieving the extraordinary, so that you can successfully integrate mobile applications into your existing business model. Our team is diverse and seasoned with hardworking professionals who are also our very own bundle of in-house creativity. Our work in the past years has been recognized by the global industry and we constantly iterate procedures and challenge ourselves to give you exactly what you need.

We are entrepreneurs and technologists that not only develop an app for you but also help you nurture an idea from the moment it comes into existence. Our clients and testimonials are proof that we love what we do and put our own creative minds to it.

Why Choose Antier?


We are at your service to make sure that you get an app that complements your business goal irrespective of the scale of your business. Get an app that is customized to cater to your prospective audience.

Inspire Emotion

Give your audience an app that is visually appealing, customized and easy to use. We use the latest e-commerce design and development trends to give you an app that your customers love.

Beat the Clock

We set our deadlines in stone because we understand fully well what every extra minute will cost your business. No need to worry about the ticking clock when you invest with Antier.

A Simple Process, Without Any Fuss

Why choose Antier when looking for mobile application expertise? What sets us aside from the others is complete transparency in everything we do. We have simplified the entire app development process to make it easier for our clients to monitor progress at any given time.

Design Research

Our expertise starts right in the beginning as we begin by fully understanding what you exactly require. Be it business or user goals, our associates will discuss everything from pre-defined functionality to setting alternatives and other decisions. While this is in progress, we research all avenues to give you a product that is precise to your needs.

Design in Progress

Once ideas conceptualize, we flare up the progress with design. Our designers and developers are experienced to give your ideas a front that is unique and attractive. User testing and feedback allow us to modify the product as it is being designed for functionality and visual aesthetics.


At Antier, we use agile methodology to provide you with continuous releases so as to give you complete visibility of your project. We collaborate with our clients in a way that their feedback is valuable to us at the end of every sprint. Test-driven environments enable our developers to perform at their best and build the app appropriately.

Customer Support

Our responsibility doesn’t end with building the product. Our experts monitor it meticulously with pertinent analytics to iterate the product even after it is launched. Proactively analyzing the data helps us improve the product according the needs of the market. We then move along by adding any required functionality and aim to embed your app amongst the target audience.

250 + Clients in over 10 countries across the globe

Seasoned Developers

Our leagues of accomplished developers are experts when it comes to developing iOS, Android, Progress Web Apps and Hybrid Applications. They make sure to give your idea the right boldness to make it stand out from the competition in the market.

Right Design & Technology

Developing an apposite app requires the right understanding of code and a splash of creative design to make the app come alive. Our designers and developers work symbiotically to avoid untimely confusions or other problems that may stall the development process. Advanced tech helps us analyse the app and modify it in accordance with the customer needs after it is launched in the market.

Unsurpassed Quality

Here at Antier, we thrive on complete customer satisfaction for we believe that our clients are the best advertisers for our services. Your deadlines and business goals are our responsibility. For us, competing with the clock means developing an app that is feature-rich, scalable and stunning to look at without comprising on quality standards.

Numerous Success Stories

Our testimonials say it all. Success stories from around the globe make us proud and constantly motivate us to improve in every way possible. We have successfully created apps that have been praised and featured on the foremost e-commerce platforms.

Competitive Pricing

Get maximum value for your time, effort and money every time you invest with Antier. Our flexible plans offer competitive prices and allow you to choose a service that suits your convenience.

Round the Clock Support

We believe that communication a the key foundation to producing a great app. Our customer care executives are thus available 24/7, so that we are with you if you have a query or need any help, no matter what time zone you are located in.